When: Thu 3rd Mar -

Where: Jamaica Street Skatepark, Baltic Triangle

VENT! Liverpool Air Quality Festival presents Charlie Weatherstone: Iris

VENT! Liverpool Air Quality Festival launches on Saturday 20 February, with a fortnight programme of free artistic interventions and public forums to raise awareness of Liverpool’s air quality, which organisers describe as ‘an invisible public health emergency’.

Charlotte is a graffiti artist, designer and illustrator whose work encompasses many scales and media. She works on canvas, paper, computer and brick walls and her influences include nature, calligraphy astronomy, ballet, and Art Nouveau. In addition to pursuing her own art, she also runs community engagement workshops, using art to help people think about their environment.

Charlie Weatherstone: Iris

Iris is a living breathing installation, a visual promotion of green inner city spaces. Living in the Baltic Triangle Iris, an air spirit, watches over Liverpool. Breathing fresh air her swirling hair is living moss and lichens, she offers her opinion on alternative modes of transport to keep the air quality pure, the buildings clean and people of her city healthy. She also offers a home to wildlife and brightens up an old building with her wildflowers.

Mosses and lichens are ideal for monitoring trends in the deposition of pollutants over time and across difference places, as they are sensitive to increased levels of nitrogen and will notably deteriorate if air quality is poor.

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A special thanks to Andy Garnell and John Nelson for helping throughout the project.

Image Credit: Charlotte Weatherstone

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