When: Fri 27th May - Any time

Where: Liverpool Waterfront and City Centre

Engage has promoted Neighbour’s Day since we started as a resident-led organisation. It matters to us that people who live in apartments become neighbours to each other and learn to share and value opportunities for showing solidarity.

Engage has invited the Founder of Neighbours Day – Atanase Perifan –  to come to Liverpool to be a speaker at our autumn seminar series. More to be announced later.

For Neighbour’s  Day all we ask is that you get together over the weekend of 27th-29th May 2016 at a level that works for you. It might simply be on a personal level to invite your immediate neighbours round to your apartment. It might be you could organise something simple for those in your stairwell or on your landing. For others where there is a Residents Association you might want to put on an event for everyone who lives in the development, say a BBQ or bring-your-own party celebrating the various dishes that different ethnic communities enrich us with. Whatever it is everyone is capable  of doing something to make where we live a friendlier and kinder place.

European Neighbours Day Handbook

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