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VENT! Liverpool Air Quality Festival presents Pamela Sullivan: A Warning

VENT! Liverpool Air Quality Festival launches on Saturday 20 February, with a fortnight programme of free artistic interventions and public forums to raise awareness of Liverpool’s air quality, which organisers describe as ‘an invisible public health emergency’.

Pamela is currently Artist in Residence at the Williamson Gallery & Museum, Birkenhead, although she tends to exhibit away from the white spaces found in galleries. She creates site specific work and has worked in ruined churches, underground tunnels, derelict buildings and hidden spaces in and around the urban landscape.

Pamela works in both 2D and 3D formats using materials such as wood, cardboard and ceramics to make playful work that the viewer is able to walk through and interact with.


Look out for Pamela’s cocooned skeletons around the exits to the Mersey Tunnel, Liver Buildings, Albert Dock, The Royal Hospital, Commutation Row, Jamaica Street, Berry Street and St Luke’s Church. Pamela will also be demonstrating the erosion process at Bluecoat.


Coccon Bluecoat 2 (1) Pamela Sullivian1

The piece serves as a warning, if we do not take drastic action now to save our planet all that will be left will be skeletons and waste.

Image Credit: Pamela Sullivan

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