When: Sun 31st Jan - 6.00-7.30pm

Where: 57-59 Victoria Street, Liverpool, L1 6DE, UK

The CREATIVE PROCESS is the title of a documentary film made by Ryan Garry about the work being produced by artists in Liverpool.

This is an event that City Centre residents would really enjoy and also a venue that needs to become one of your firm favourites.

Art is all around us, but what drives someone to create? Liverpool-based film-maker (and cinema volunteer!) Ryan Garry explores the stories behind the artwork in this new documentary featuring several prominent artists from Merseyside. They will be joined by the director for a Q&A after the screening to find out about his own process.

They’ll also be screening a series of shorts on the theme of ‘process’, including work by our own Tim Brunsden (the legendary ‘Brian Bakes A Pie’), Sam Meech (‘Fine Casting’) and Anthony Killick (‘Building a Small Cinema’)

Further information can be found on the Liverpool Small Cinema website HERE