When: Sat 20th Feb - 6:00pm

Where: Bluecoat, School Lane L1 9BZ

VENT! Liverpool Air Quality Festival presents VENT! Public Forum

VENT! Liverpool Air Quality Festival launches on Saturday 20 February, with a fortnight programme of free artistic interventions and public forums to raise awareness of Liverpool’s air quality, which organisers describe as ‘an invisible public health emergency’.

VENT! Public forum is A panel of participating artists, scientist and academics discuss the public health emergency that is air quality in Liverpool. Speakers will present the research undertaken as part the Liverpool Air Project and will discuss the art works that have been produced in response to that research. Followed by Q & A.

Please find the panel participants below.

Dr Andy Morse, University of Liverpool Professor of Climate Impacts

Paul Farrell, Environmental Protection Operations Manager Liverpool City Council
Dr Tuheen Huda, an Intensive Care medic, theatre producer, writer and artist
Bryan Biggs, Artistic Director at Bluecoat, Liverpool’s centre for the contemporary arts
Plus a number of our VENT! Liverpool Air Quality Festival artists
Discussion Chaired by Gerry Proctor, Chair of Engage Liverpool CIC

VENT! Liverpool Air Quality Festival

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