In an important survey delivered by YouGov they have found that three quarters of people in cities want the Government to take action to improve air quality.

Leaving the EU might mean that the limits and fines imposed on Governments to get them to introduce clean air for their populations will no longer apply to the UK and therefore the Government may well simply not impose any standards at all (see article on 08.06.16 posted on the Engage website). Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, has spoken out forcefully about ‘London’s filthy air’ but the Mayor of Liverpool has yet to speak out about the problem in Liverpool despite Engage’s successful Clean Air Project highlighting the poor air quality in our city. In fact the Mayor and his Council officers refused permission for six of his City Bikes to carry a Clean Air Vehicle artist-designed laminate to spread information about the issue.

Guardian article 04.07.16 HERE 

The Clean Air Vehicle laminate Mayor Anderson doesn’t ¬†want you to see:

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