A citizen-led organisation Clean Air Liverpool has mounted a campaign to inform residents about the air quality where they live. In an amazing on-line resource that is capable of telling you about pollution levels across the city they want to inform people so that more of us take an interest for the sake of everyone’s health.

This is something that Engage explored in our special Liverpool Air Project  which we ran in 2015. At the time we were opposed by Mayor Joe Anderson who refused to let us use the bike hire scheme to advertise that the bikes were a ‘Clean Air Machine’. You can find out more about the arts project that happened in 2016 which we called Vent! and was a collaboration between scientists and five local artists. You can read the final report HERE. You can also see what we did, despite the political challenges at the time, to get our artist’s work onto one of the bicycles!

This new initiative called Clean Air Liverpool  wants you to get involved before the local elections on May 4th when all our council seats are up for re-election. They are serious about raising the profile of poor air quality and hope that many people will join them in fighting for a better quality of life for all of us. You can find out about the air pollution levels where you live HERE simply by putting your postcode into the box on the page.

Clean Air Liverpool will launch their campaign on 11th April and in the meantime they would appreciate it if you went on their website to register your interest and commitment HERE.

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The image is courtesy of Liverpool Echo  24.12.2018