Some city centre apartment blocks have no recycling facilities states an article in the Echo.

It is notoriously difficult to encourage some Managing Agents and Management Companies to add recycling bins when none were included in the original specification. This shows how important it is to get the management structure right with all apartment blocks at the stage when planning permission is granted. However that isn’t on the agenda in Liverpool.

Engage has been encouraging recycling for some time and indeed has worked effectively with the Council in some pilot schemes to improve resident’s recycling rates. This has included giving blue recycling bags to residents to see if they will increase recycling. And it has been shown to be effective.

But there remains a problem with a number of city centre blocks. More needs to be done and most residents want to play their part in efforts to increase recycling. It is interesting that where residents are part of the management structure of their block there are good recycling rates but where they are excluded rates are poor or none existent.

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