Mayor Anderson has now launched an ambitious City Plan for Liverpool produced by a group called Team Liverpool. It incorporates for the first time, we think, in any official document from the city, the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals which Engage feels are an excellent way of measuring the progress we are making against some global criteria for sustainable city growth.

This Vision document sets out six aims for everyone to work towards:

  1. A healthier, happier, fairer Liverpool for all
  2. People are educated to succeed throughout life
  3. Safe and thriving neighbourhoods
  4. A strong and inclusive economy
  5. A low carbon, connected and accessible city
  6. The most exciting city in the UK

It is an aspirational piece of work that indeed would inspire anyone to get behind it and see that it is deliverable and delivered. Given some of the Council’s decisions residents have had to experience, and at times fight against, some more cynical people might wonder whether we are even capable of acting upon such an ambitious plan. But there is also a feeling that scousers want to make their city the best it can be and are always ready to give the benefit of the doubt and start again to see what cooperative practices can deliver this time around.

You can also read the City Plan here, and find out who Team Liverpool are, here.