Following an open-air event on Sunday 5th May, organised at the Yacht Club Bar and Restaurant at the Marina on Coburg Wharf by Six15 Events Ltd (with contact details in Preston) and branded The Beach Club, a number of residents have expressed a growing anxiety about what this might herald for the future.

At first it was thought that it was going to be a one-off but then a few days later an article appeared in the Echo informing everyone that ‘Liverpool (is) to get a brand new Ibiza style ‘beach club’ this summer on the waterfront’. It seems that the idea is to throw a party every weekend in the summer. There has been no consultation with residents about these plans, which have come out of the blue, and whilst everyone realises that people have a right to party every now and again to expect locals to put up with this level of disturbance every weekend is not what people expected when they bought an apartment in one of the quietest and most peaceful parts of the waterfront.

Residents are hoping there will be opportunities to revisit this decision and that the council will be willing to step in and support their case that this area should remain a uniquely peaceful part of the waterfront and dock system. Residents themselves at first thought they had discovered that there didn’t seem to be a licence held by Harbourside Marina Ltd for outdoor music events which seemed to imply that what occurred on 5th May was done without permission. You can read the licence agreement HERE. However it has subsequently been revealed that they do have a licence agreement that isn’t shown on the public record.

The next Ibiza Beach Party  is due to be held Sunday 26th May from 12.00 noon so it is important that if the noise level is disturbing local residents then you can complain through using the on-line form for Noise Complaints.

Liverpool Echo article 09.05.19

Six15 Events

Yacht Club Bar & Restaurant

Image courtesy of Jeff Wilson