As a residents group working for the past 15 years on the waterfront and city centre we were keen to meet the new cohort of councillors following the complete re-shaping of the political scene in Liverpool.

As you’ll know, after this year’s redrawing of the Liverpool ward boundaries, we now have 11 elected members representing the 6 new ward areas.

Here’s a list of the new City Centre and Waterfront councillors with contact details:

This week, on Tuesday 3rd October 2023, we were delighted to welcome Natalie Nicholas, Christine Banks, Nick Small, Dave Hanratty, Hetty Woods and Angela Coleman to The Artists Club, on Eberle Street, to introduce them to Engage Liverpool’s work. Sadly, Rebecca Turner, Heather Westhead, Tom Logan, Elizabeth Hayden and Tom Cardwell were unable to attend.

Engage simply presented the work we had done with and for residents and spoke especially about our annual seminar series which is our prestigious event each year.  We offered to work with any of the councillors in assisting residents with any of the contacts and expertise we have built up over the years. We are called ‘Engage’ because that is what we want to do – with everyone who is involved in creating a city centre and waterfront that is a sustainable place to live for the whole of one’s life.

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