One of the most respected and informed commentators on Liverpool’s World Heritage Site is Dennis Rodwell. He is an architect-planner who works internationally in the field of cultural heritage and sustainable urban development, focused on the promotion and achievement of best practice in the management of historic sites and cities. He writes and publishes widely on the theme of conservation and sustainability in historic cities and is recognised as the leading architect-planner specialist in the field.

Dennis has the most important and impressive body of work written about Liverpool and this article enables you to access easily those articles and reports.

2008 07 – ‘JAC’ 14(2) – ‘… Liverpool and the Historic Urban Landscape’

2009 03 – IHBC ‘Context’ 108 – ‘On the Waterfront’, Liverpool

2011 03 – EH ‘On the Waterfront’ – ‘Planning Systems … Historic Port Cities’

2012 11 – IHBC ‘Context’ 127 – ‘Rethinking heritage’ (Liverpool + UNESCO)

2014 10 – ‘Industrial Heritage Sites in Transformation’ – ‘Liverpool Heritage and Development …’

2014 11 – ‘Between dream and reality …’ – ‘Negative impacts of World Heritage branding …’

2015 05 – ‘HEN’ 6(1) – ‘… Dresden-Liverpool’ (BG + DR)

If you were to only access one of the above  we recommend Dennis’s 2014 11 article that is amongst the most incisive and accurate accounts of the Liverpool reality.

Dennis Rodwell website HERE

Dennis Rodwell on LinkedIn HERE

Downloadable articles HERE on the Independent Academia website

List of publications for download HERE on ResearchGate website