Local residents campaigned hard to stop this warehouse and rice mill from being demolished to make way for more apartments. That was in 2014 when it was Listed as an historic monument. But what has happened to it since?

The building and land is owned by the Elliot Group and there are rumours that it will be put up for sale in the near future – but in the meantime the building is being left to decay and a deteriorating structure might be just what the owner wants. What if it was to mysteriously catch fire? We could be sure there wouldn’t be crowds standing around in tearful silence as at Notre Dame in Paris. So it seems that it is up to citizens to take the initiative once again and pressure the council to take care of it by requesting of them a condition report so we can all see what needs doing and respond appropriately.

If you want to protect and preserve what remains of our heritage please Sign Petition HERE.  Thank you!

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