Engage is within a few hundred pounds of achieving it’s aim of raising the £1500 to be able to attend the forthcoming 5th World Heritage Watch (WHW) Civil Society Forum and the 42nd Session of the World Heritage Committee (WHC) to be held in Manama, Bahrain from 22nd June. Flights have been booked and a hotel organised.

Engage has submitted a report on Liverpool’s World Heritage Site (WHS) which was recently published in the WHW Report 2018 which will be distributed to every voting delegate at the  WHC meeting in Bahrain  this month.

It has also drafted a Resolution to be put to the WHW Forum for approval by the delegates which will then be submitted to the WHC 42nd Session.

Engage joined World Heritage Watch last year. WHW is a new world-wide organisation founded in St.Petersburg  in 2012 to improve the effectiveness of civil society’s involvement in the World Heritage Convention, its Committee and Advisory Bodies (such as ICOMOS and IUCN) in addition to the NGOs’ respective state parties.

“It is time for civil society to join hands with UNESCO’s World Heritage Mission, by identifying threats, their causes and advocating remedies. The World Heritage should not be relegated to government offices alone. Local populations and indigenous peoples should be supported by concerned citizens to protect their world heritage.”

To that end WHW holds a Forum immediately prior to the annual meeting of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee.  Over 50 NGOs including Engage attended the 4th WHW Forum in Kraków in 2017.  As a result Engage has been able to network with decision makers and other key players as well as making alliances with people from all over the world who are equally concerned about their WHS status.

You can follow WHW news from the network on Facebook and their new Twitter account. You can read the full report below and Liverpool is on pages 123-125:

WHW Report 2018

WHW Draft Resolution Liverpool 2018

You can read the full report to the World Heritage Committee HERE Draft Report on p4 and Draft Decision on p6. Agenda ref. 42.COM/7A.7

All working documents for the WHC 42nd Session can be found HERE

World Heritage UK welcomes ‘mood change’ in Liverpool HERE

Engage is crowd-funding to help us get to Bahrain. You could support us HERE and we have raised so far £1,290 towards our aim of £1,500. Please help us to raise the final £210.