Martin Boyd has been announced as the new Chair of the Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE) a government-funded body which has been a great help to leaseholders in Liverpool over the years. He is well known to Engage in his present role as Chair of the excellent Leasehold Knowledge Partnership (LKP) whose regular newsletters we publish in our Notices section on our website on an almost weekly basis.

It is expected that the issues that many leaseholders face will now be signposted more rapidly to Government and this signals a shift in approach from Ministers towards the growing numbers of people caught in leasehold property.  When Engage first began we ran many training sessions for residents who were preparing for the Right-to-Manage process and then once they were the Management Company they needed help and support in delivering a professional service for their fellow residents. A number of these early pioneers have now passed away and there is a new group of residents in charge who never had to fight for the right to run their own apartment complex and improve on some of the dreadful practices that original residents encountered.

It was during those days that Engage found enormous strength and support in both LEASE and LKP and Martin Boyd was someone we met in London during our many visits to get advice and direction from those who had more knowledge and expertise than we had. Sebastian O’Kelly the CEO of LKP and journalist and author has written an excellent account of Martin Boyd’s new appointment which is well worth reading: First Step for Major Leasehold Reforms 31.10.23  Sebastian has continued to advise us and Liverpool residents when requested.

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