Richard Hill has been a friend of Engage for some time and every year for many years now has brought a group of post-graduate research students to Liverpool to explore the built environment and especially how our rich heritage has been re-purposed for a new age and a new need.

Richard Hill is an architect and writer who lectures on the New York University MA programme in London. He has a great love for Liverpool and our architectural history and it has been a delight to welcome him each year to the city and to help arrange visits into some of the re-purposed warehouses now filled with residents rather than the products of a maritime trade.

Richard has graciously shared with us an important article he has authored called ‘Time and good fortune? Adaptation and re-use in Liverpool’. It is about what Liverpool is doing all the time – taking our heritage and adapting it for another time and generation. You will find this article a masterful and detailed account of many of the buildings in the city that some of us might take a little for granted.

You can read it here:  Time & Good Fortune? Richard Hill

If anyone would like to contact Richard please email us here and we will gladly share your request with Richard: