Liverpool BID Company Chief Executive Rev Bill Addy welcomed guests to the presentation of the Liverpool Waterfront Positioning Paper (LWPP) at the Malmaison hotel at Princes Dock on Thursday 19th October 2023.

A large group of waterfront businesses and stakeholders were present to listen to Prof Michael Parkinson CBE deliver the introduction and also Paul Kallee-Grover MBE who led the Research Team which included Rachael Bampton-Aiken and involved input from a number of stakeholders on the waterfront.

You can read the full LWPP here: Liverpool Waterfront Positioning Paper

This is the first official document to connect the whole of the waterfront from Bramley-Moore Dock in the north to Festival Gardens in the south. However Engage first proposed joining up the entire waterfront in 2015 when we were exploring the option of Neighbourhood Plans in different parts of the city centre and one of them we suggested was for the  whole of the Waterfront from the north to the south including all residential areas. It was strenuously opposed by significant officials (who are no longer involved in the area) who saw no benefit in connecting the entirety of Liverpool’s waterfront. Residents did of course but there was no traction at that stage and the power in the city clearly resided with the former Mayor and certain close advisors and collaborators.

Stakeholders seldom think residents might be ahead of the game and have vision and foresight. In fact we made it clear at the time in 2015 that our proposals were inclusive of everyone – businesses, landowners, visitor economy destinations as well as those of us who have invested in the area by buying property along the waterfront and choosing to live here 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and every week of the year. That is a powerful resource of expertise and experience.

Check out our amazingly visionary 2015 document that was delivered to every home on the waterfront:

Engage 2015 Waterfront Area YES Flyer