Canal and River Trust are offering opportunities for local residents to take part in well-organised volunteer groups that are already making a huge difference to the Waterfront. Engage very much welcomes this initiative and would like to encourage our waterfront resident community, and other residents across the city centre who visit the waterfront and value the asset that it is, to consider supporting this dynamic enterprise.

Their Liverpool South Docks volunteering group, meet up on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Brunswick Lock depot, South Ferry Quay Road, L3 4EL at 10am normally working till 2pm. In this cold weather it is better to first check out if the group is still meeting. You can do this by contacting Steve Baker the organiser via his email or by calling him on 07920 115251.

The volunteers  carry out numerous tasks as a group, vegetation clearance, tree pollarding, litter picking, painting, groundworks, and the most popular task going out on our boat and collecting debris and plastic from the Dock system and upkeep of our two locks on the Liverpool Link.

What’s not to like about that possibility! Maybe once the weather starts to improve you can think of becoming a volunteer and, if it is something you’d like to do, why not register now by emailing Steve and giving him your details? Then he can let you know what their current programme involves.

You can read more about the benefits of volunteering with Canal and River Trust here.