You might not be aware but things are changing in Liverpool! Recently Engage has become aware of some challenging and inspiring articles about Liverpool and the wider City Region and we have been registering to get regular updates about different aspects of the city in which we live.

So we can support this process here are two of the newest journalism offers of which we have become aware. Let us know what we are missing!


Liverpolitan website The writers involved with Liverpolitan are keen to promote serious reflection and are not afraid of courting controversy in the process. This is just the kind of challenging reflection of which many people feel the city is in need. Following a recent article that provoked some interesting comments on social media Engage contacted the Liverpolitan to see if it would be possible to continue the discussion in real time with the author but despite our efforts sadly nothing materialised.


The Post website Editor-at-large Robin Brown, famously of Seven Streets and Liverpool Long Reads, is one of a fascinating group of people who want to share news stories and opinion pieces with a wider audience in Liverpool and the City Region. No stranger to discussing topical issues the authors are determined to raise the level of analysis and engagement with what is actually taking place across the city.

Engage is very keen to encourage and support anyone who is as interested in the city, its future and heritage, as we are. Let us know what you think. We would like to contribute in some way to disseminating the analysis and reflection that these news outlets are presenting to us. If there is an article that you would like to discuss further then don’t hesitate to make contact either by email or on Twitter @engageliverpool.