The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority is working on a new Local Transport Plan that will help shape future improvements to the city region transport network until 2040. As part of this work, they’ve inviting comments from residents like you.

The first stage of the new Local Transport Plan – a draft Vision and Goals document – defines an overall vision:

“To plan for, and deliver a clean, safe, resilient, accessible and inclusive London-standard transport system for the movement of people, goods and freight in a way that delivers our economic, social and environmental ambitions, and in particular, a net zero carbon emitting city region by 2040 or sooner”

As well as a number of goals, including alignment with the LCR’s other strategies (including their Climate Action Plan and Spatial Development Strategy), commitment to improving the health and quality of life of LCR residents, and support for the LCR’s goal of reaching net zero cabon emissions by 2040.

You can read the full draft document (PDF) on the Combined Authority website. In-depth consultation and engagement will also be happening across the city region with a wide range of people, young and old.

To take part in the consultation, residents can email with comments, before Sunday 31st July.

Header image courtesy of Liverpool City Region Combined Authority.