Liverpool City Council today (Friday 16th December) passed in Cabinet a long-awaited Public Realm Strategy SPD (Supplementary Planning Document) setting out new guidelines for future development across the city putting people and nature at the core of placemaking. It looks very interesting indeed and we welcome any comments from residents.

These documents are able to be published as SPDs now that the Liverpool Local Plan has been agreed, accepted and adopted.  LCC Public Realm Strategy Cabinet Agenda HERE and LCC Commercial District etc Cabinet Agenda HERE

The document takes three interlinked concepts to guide future planning decisions and they are in theory very helpful.  Engage has for many years promoted the networking of all our green spaces around the city and at a recent series of public conversations about travel and tourism in which residents suggested that all our parks should be indicated and accessible through clearly liveried buses and bus-stops letting people know that this bus goes to a particular park and where to get off. Many years ago we also asked for all parks to be connected by clearly marked pathways to the centre of the city in St John’s Gardens. In the same report we noted that the centre was more grey than green and there was a lot of work to be done in righting this reality. So we will watch the City Network theme very closely.

The Natural Network – a city-wide network of connected green spaces driven by movement, safety and activity.

The Community Network – shaping neighbourhoods around public realm to create a community driven and walkable and cycle friendly city, including a proposal for 20-minute neighbourhoods.

The City Network – a distinctive and green city centre shaped by world-class public realm designed for people rather than vehicles, including reducing the dominance of the car.

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