Not far from the city centre, in the middle of Windsor Street L8 there is a hidden gem every city centre and waterfront resident interested in food and the environment should know about; writes Diana Heredia, Engage Board Member who lives on Duke Street.

Over the years we’ve come across Squash Nutrition on many occasions: We’ve seen the eye opening films they show at the Food for Real Film Festival, discovered that foraging is possible in the unlikeliest of  inner city locations, cooked and eaten with them in their Grapes Community Garden also on Windsor Street and finally visited their new food hub that opened last weekend (see images).
What is striking about the people at Squash is their boundless optimism, that has enabled them to keep going when less committed people would have thrown in the towel. In October 2015 their new food hub that was close to completion was burned down, but today you wouldn’t ever know that has happened. The group rallied together and crowdfunded the money needed to start again. Through perseverance and commitment to their vision they delivered a low key ecofriendly building that houses their offices, cinema, a new café and shop and they are currently working on creating the garden to go with it.
The work of Squash Nutrition is interwoven with the local community and there’s always something to learn about history, community, food or cooking. Another thing making you feel warm and fuzzy at any of their events is their inclusivity. There are people of all ages, sizes, abilities, backgrounds and neighbourhoods. Everybody is welcome to have a bite and a chat and you’ll always come away having talked to someone you’ve never met before. So if you feel like going home with a smile on your face just follow Hope Street, crossing over Parliament Street to Toxteth Library and continuing along Windsor Street until you reach Squash on your right opposite Firefit.
It’s not as far away as it seems!
(Squash is open Thursdays-Saturdays 9am-5pm, Grapes Community Gardens, Fridays 10-12noon).

You can donate on their Go Fund Me page HERE

Urbed, an award winning masterplanning and urban design consultancy based in Manchester, helped design and masterplan the project, their webpage with images and info is HERE

Squash Nutrition website HERE