VENT! Liverpool Air Quality Festival launches this Saturday 20 February with an exciting and thought-provoking programme of FREE events at Bluecoat, including a live durational performance by Julieann O’Malley, family-friendly workshops and a discussion event led by a panel of experts, academics and artists.

Bryan Biggs, Artistic Director at Bluecoat said “We are delighted to be hosting part of VENT’s exciting programme here at Bluecoat.

Supporting local artists is central to Bluecoat’s philosophy and we are pleased to welcome Julieann O’Malley back to our venue for her performance, having previously supported the presentation of her work.
As the custodians of a city centre building that will turn 300 years old in 2017 we are very interested in how we live in response to the changing urban environment around us. VENT’s Public Forum offers a timely opportunity to debate the issue of air quality in Liverpool, and discover how artists have responded to research on this subject.”
What’s happening on Saturday 20 February?
Tristan Brady-Jacobs’s Glorm Workshop –  1pm to 4pm

The Liverpool Glorms are ordinary folk made monstrous by their desire to obtain immortality. They retreat behind facades and filters in a world of invisible threats. Using a range of Gasmasks, HOBO will create portraits of Liverpool people.

Become your own Glorm on 20 February at Bluecoat in ‘The Hub’. HOBO will be running workshops taking portraits with gas masks for his exhibition. Each successful Glorm will receive an A0 version of their baleful self! Come along and haunt yourself.

Tristan Brady Jacobs Glorm Liverpool1

Pamela Sullivan’s Recycle Workshop – Bluecoat – 1pm to 4pm

Pamela Sullivan will be presenting a workshop in ‘The Hub’ Bluecoat alongside Tristan Brady Jacobs, making things out of plastic bottles and packaging for fun. Reclaiming, reusing and recycling to help with raising awareness of air pollution.

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Julieann O’Malley’s Occlusion – Bluecoat – 3:30pm – 5:30pm

Julieann O’Malley performs an installation, incorporating video work, soundscapes and photography that provokes questions and conversation about the real effects of the ‘invisible intruder’ – microscopic man-made pollution.
Audiences will see O’Malley test the limits of her body as she cycles through a cloud of air pollution made visible.

You can watch Julieann’s performance HERE

VENT! Public Forum – Bluecoat – 6pm

A panel of participating artists, scientist and academics discuss the public health emergency that is air quality in Liverpool. Speakers will present the research undertaken as part the Liverpool Air Project and will discuss the art works that have been produced in response to that research. Followed by Q & A. Please find the panel participants below.

Dr Andy Morse, University of Liverpool Professor of Climate Impacts
Paul Farrell, Environmental Protection Operations Manager Liverpool City Council
Dr Tuheen Huda, an Intensive Care medic, theatre producer, writer and artist
Bryan Biggs, Artistic Director at Bluecoat, Liverpool’s centre for the contemporary arts
Plus a number of our VENT! Liverpool Air Quality Festival artists
Discussion Chaired by Gerry Proctor, Chair of Engage Liverpool CIC

Liverpool Echo Article 19.02.16