You won’t be surprised to know that Castle Street is so named because at one end of it (opposite to the Town Hall) used to be the site of the castle. It is now completely covered by the Victoria Monument in Derby Square and the Queen Elizabeth II Law Courts.

There is an interesting history to the castle which began life on the orders of 4th Earl of Derby in 1237 to protect the new port established by King John. It lasted about 500yrs and passed through various stages of disrepair until final and full demolition in 1726.

There is an interesting article about it on Wikipedia: Liverpool Castle

A fascinating historical article was written by Edward Cox in 1890 and marked a first attempt to accurately reconstruct the dimensions of the castle. You can read his article and see his drawing in the pdf HERE.

Below is an amazing reconstruction by Xperience Digital History. Worth a watch though not perfect. Brilliant attempt.

There is also a lovely Twitter ‘X’ post by K E V @YOLiverpool HERE which has a 30 second presentation with maps and images about the history of the castle.

Hope you learn something and enjoy the reading and watching!