When: Thu 10th Nov - 6–7.30pm

Where: Quaker Meeting House, School Lane, Liverpool

This year, Engage is creating a city-wide discussion about how ordinary people, citizens, feel about the way their city is run exploring together what we think about the state of our local democracy and whether people feel engaged or not with the decision-making process.

Following on from the first two seminars in this year’s series – with Dr Camila Vergara (13th October) and Jon Alexander (27th October) – we’re taking the topic of citizenship and throwing the floor open to you, the citizens of Liverpool. This will be a warm, thoughtful, and energising workshop, taking as our starting point questions including:

  1. How would you describe citizen engagement in Liverpool? What challenges are we facing?
  2. Who is best placed to take this process forward? What challenges would they face?
  3. What is the first thing that must be done if citizens are to work together? What challenges are there?