Thank you for expressing your interest in contributing to Liverpool Urbingo!

Liverpool Urbingo is a unique and exciting non-profit project, raising awareness of Liverpool’s rich cultural and architectural heritage. With the kind help of contributors like you, we’re going to show what a beautiful, historic city Liverpool really is.

We want to properly credit you for your contributions towards the Liverpool Urbingo project, and protect your contributions from being used in ways you didn’t expect.

So, before we can use your photographs, designs, and/or text, we need you to grant us a license to use your contributions as part of the Liverpool Urbingo project. And in exchange, we agree to credit you whenever we use your contributions.

  • I certify that I am the copyright owner of all the photographs, designs, and/or text I contribute towards the Liverpool Urbingo game project.
  • I grant Engage Liverpool CIC a royalty free license to use my contributed photographs, designs, and/or text as part of the manufacture, promotion, and marketing of the Liverpool Urbingo game, without time limit. I agree that, as part of this, my contributed content may be edited, modified, and published physically and digitally.
  • Engage Liverpool CIC must credit me wherever they use my photographs, designs, and/or text.
  • Engage Liverpool CIC plans to sell copies of the Liverpool Urbingo game on a non- profit-making basis. In the unlikely event that profit is made from the sale of the game, I am happy for that profit to be reinvested towards further development of the game.
  • Any other rights not specified in this agreement are retained by me, the copyright owner.

If you agree with this, please fill in your details below: