General site terms

No warranty nor guarantee provided

All information on this site is provided on a ‘best endeavours’ basis. This means that while we have taken every opportunity to see to it that the information contained here is correct, it must not be relied on to inform opinions (professional or otherwise) and Engage can accept no liability for any inaccuracies contained herein, nor for any use or inability to use the website.


All Engage authored content on this site is the property of Engage and may not be re-used without prior permission, except for news and information dissemination purposes. The Engage branding and all artworks are excluded from this and may not be reused without permission under any circumstance. News content and publicly available content may be linked to and cited without permission, provided that such linking and citation is not disparaging in any way to Engage. The denotation ‘Copyright of Engage Liverpool’ must be shown, and a link to the Engage website included.


We offer no guarantees as to the availability of any portion of this site, and we retain the right to withdraw access either whole or in part at anytime with no reason given. Information collection We may collect information about visits to the website, including collecting and storing your internet address, and use this information for both analysis and security reasons.

Changes to the terms

The terms of use of the site and all and any further terms you are asked to adhere to in the course of membership and use of this site may be subject to change. If we change any terms we will notify you.

Your agreement

Your continued use of this website is considered acceptance of these terms.

Terms of membership

Your personal information

The minimum details we need to store about you are your email address, your name, a screen name and what building or organisation you are affiliated with. Only your screen name is shown within the public domain, as it is noted alongside any discussions contributions you make, all other information is kept private unless you choose otherwise. We may also log information such as your activity on the site, and your internet address. Optionally, you can also provide us with your address and further contact details and we can use that information to provide an enhanced service. How your personal information will be used The information you provide will be used to:

  • Verify your identity where necessary;
  • • Provide you with localised services;
  • • Send you information messages from ourselves and our strategic partners;
  • • For us and our strategic partners to understand your needs and analyse discussions.

You can opt out of receiving alerts in your email inbox, however it is a condition of membership of the site that, where we or our strategic partners deem a message to be highly or critically important, or where mass distribution of a message is in in the over-riding public interest, email alerts will still be sent. If you are not content with this, you may not use the membership services. Where your personal information will be stored and will it be shared Your information will be stored in electronic and paper format in the United Kingdom under controlled circumstances by Engage and its constituent organisations and its appointed IT partners.

Your personal information (name, address, contact details) will not be shared with third parties without your consent, unless required either by law/legal challenge or requested by law enforcement agencies for the prevention or detection of crime, in which cases Engage may choose to provide your information without consent on the basis of its considered opinion. At all times, your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998 are not affected by this. Our strategic partners may use the website to communicate with you. They will do so using our system which does not expose your personal information. We ask you to choose a Screen Name when joining; this information is in the public domain. As such, if you choose to use your real name as your Screen Name, you are deemed to have chosen to made such information public. You can change your Screen Name at any time.

Your contributions to the site

You give up any intellectual rights to any contribution you make to the site. Your contributions may be made available in the public domain, and should you cancel your membership, your contributions will remain on the site.

We reserve the right to edit or remove your contributions at any time, with neither notice nor explanation given.

While some areas of the site may be classed as ‘private’ you should bear in mind all the terms of your membership, and not make any contribution you would not be willing to stand by.

Your obligations

  • You must be at least 18 years of age;
  • You agree to abide by the following obligations (this list is not exhaustive):
  • You must keep your password safe and not allow anyone else to use your account;
  • You must let us know if you have moved, or no longer have an affiliation with a building or an organisation;
  • You agree that you continue to be responsible for any contribution you have made to the site,
  • including but not limited to indemnifying Engage, its stakeholders and strategic partners against the consequences of your contribution (for example, the comments you have made, or if you were to breach copyright in your contribution). For this purpose, the Engage website is merely the medium of content delivery, not the content author. We reserve the right to edit or remove your contributions at any time, with neither notice nor explanation given.
  • You must ensure that any contribution made to the site is respectful, not defamatory nor persecutory in any way, neither should they be abusive nor hostile.
  • Use of swear words, whether incidental or otherwise, including the use of pseudo-swear words, swear words with letters blanked out, or words designed to sound like or mimic swear words will be considered serious transgressions of your obligations.
  • Where you encounter contributions that breach these terms, it is your obligation to report this to us using the reporting mechanisms provided.

Please consider the effect of your contributions in the public areas of the website. Public areas of the website are published across the internet. Issues you have today may not be issues tomorrow, but may still be found by people researching properties on the internet long after they have been solved. As such, we ask you not to refer to issues in public forum that could adversely affect the value of people's homes. Any such contributions will be removed. We do provide alternative facilities for you to raise these issues either in a more private forum, or directly with your Federation representative.

Your rights of cancellation

You can de-activate your membership at anytime. Your personal details will be blanked from our systems, but your Screen Name will remain, as will your contributions. To email

Our rights of cancellation

We may revoke your membership and/or access to the site at any time, for any reason. If we do this, we will never enter into discussion with you as to why this has happened, and there is no access to appeal Our stakeholders and strategic partners who also use this site This site is a meeting place for residents and other agencies, to communicate and collaborate. Other organisations besides Engage use this site to post information and communicate with each other and with residents. These include organisations such as Plus Dane and Liverpool City Council, amongst others. Selected stakeholders and strategic partners are granted privileged access to the site and its contributions and discussions, including those areas which are ‘residents only’, and this is for the purpose of enhancing local services, decision making and research, or to maintain system operations, amongst other reasons. This level of access for these organisations was agreed in a consultation exercise with Liverpool residents.

Under the terms of such privileged access, confidentiality is enforced by agreements between Engage and any such organisation with such access.

Your agreement

By registering to use this website you are agreeing to abide by these terms of membership (known from herein as the Terms) and attesting that you consider our terms of membership reasonable. If you are unable or unwilling to agree to these terms then your membership is void and you may not continue to use your membership/proceed with registration.

No warranty nor guarantee provided

Membership is governed on the same ‘No warranty nor guarantee provided’ basis as stated in the General site terms. The General site terms apply in full.