Liverpool City Council has published an important map for use by all residents and businesses in the case of any emergency. Further details will be available in the future.

LCC Public Information Zone Map

“The City Centre Public Information Zone map has been produced to help businesses and residents in the city centre if there is an emergency. During an incident a number of organisations will work together to provide information though many forms of communication including local media, social media, websites, public information display screens and public address systems. Depending on the nature of the incident, people may be asked to remain in place or to move to another part of the city centre – and the map is zoned to help in this process. The new map replaces and updates a paper version which was distributed to businesses in 2009. Since then both the city centre and means of communication have undergone considerable changes and the new map reflects those changes. The map will be circulated through city centre organisations via email and it will be available to be downloaded”