When: Wed 14th Oct - 18.30

Where: On-line

A branch of the well-organised and very professional cladding lobby group ‘Manchester Cladiators’ is organising a virtual meeting for residents in Liverpool on Wednesday 14th October from 6.30pm on-line of course and Engage would like to encourage anyone who lives in the city centre or waterfront and is affected by the issue of replacing ‘Grenfell-type’ cladding on apartment blocks.

You can read more about it here in this notice: Notice of Liverpool Cladiators Meeting 14.10.20 To join the meeting you need to email: liverpoolcladiators@gmail.com ​and request the link for the virtual meeting.

You can follow this issue in this article on our website: Cladding problems on city centre apartment blocks 28.09.20

The above image is of Manchester Cladiators in London with the Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham and the Mayor of London Saddiq Khan outside parliament (WRP article ‘Cladding Lobby’ in The News Line, 26.02.20)