When: Wed 19th Oct - 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Where: Aloft Hotel 1 North John St, Liverpool L2 5QW

Reclaiming the City: Seminar 2
Speaker: Atanase Perifan founder European Neighbours Day, Paris

Local Panel: Cllr Tim Beaumont Mayoral Lead for City Well-being, Dr Emlyn Williams Love Canning Neighbourhood Forum, Prof Rhiannon Corcoran Academic Heseltine Institute for Public Policy and Practice

The second installment of the Engage 2016 Seminar Series will focus on enabling residents who often feel themselves to be strangers to understand how they can become neighbours. We are pleased to be flying in the first of two international speakers, Atanase Perifan, the founder of European Neighbours Day from Paris

About the Reclaiming the City Seminar Series

The Engage 2016 Seminar Series is a forthright challenge to ‘take back the city’ from values and ideas that undermine the well-being and health of the city centre residential population.

Engage will bring 3 important national and European leaders to Liverpool to address these issues and start a conversation about reclaiming the city as a space for real human encounters and for the genuine empowerment of the civic body.

These seminars are open to everyone and there will be a request for a small donation (£2.50) to help cover costs which will be refunded upon attendance at the event if required.

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