The problem with Airbnb is its success! When it first began it was a beautiful simple idea for people to go to another place and share a room in a local person’s home and that was it. There was a mutuality about it so if you built up a good reputation you could stay in other cites just as people came to stay in your city in your home.

Now it is big business and it is destroying communities and making city centre renting unaffordable for local people. Who wants to live in an apartment where every day/weekend visitors are dragging their suitcases into your building and then having a raucous time as they enjoy their ability to stay cheaply in your city? What will happen to the genuine hotel industry and the jobs that are required in the visitor economy hospitality industry?

Already other cities are rising up and demanding that Airbnb be curtailed as it is negativley affecting residents enjoyment of their own home city. Most landlords who own city centre properties are deciding that they can make so much more money renting out their apartment as a short-term let (Airbnb or otherwise) rather than renting it to a family or a single person for 12months or more.

Many years ago now Engage persuaded the City Council to pass a resolution that it was the policy in Liverpool not to allow short-term lets in residential apartment blocks. It worked well for years but now it seems no-one  remembers that decision as another councillor has raised the issue once again. As a result we had a number of apart-hotels springing up where everyone was renting an apartment in the same block and not renting alongside long-term residents who often needed to get an early night for an early rise to get to work.

This is one of the drawbacks caused by Liverpool’s tourism boom. We need to address it before it gets to the level it has in other places causing serious disquiet to the locals. You can read more below:

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