The Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Michael Gove said today in parliament that he was asking house builders to voluntarily contribute to a £4 billion fund to remediate the problems caused to leaseholders in flats from 11-18m who are caught up in removing ineffective cladding from their blocks.

It was a complete change from the attitude taken by his predecessors and was broadly welcomed by activist groups of leaseholders from End Our Cladding Scandal to Manchester Cladiators. However though the news was a good start there are still other outstanding issues that need to be addressed at the same time regarding general fire safety in many apartment complexes.

A lot has been written today on the subject and you can find some quick links here:

In the Oxford University sponsored ‘Housing after Grenfell’ blog there are a number of excellent articles including this one from Dr Jenny Preece from Sheffield University on 19.12.21 Leaseholders living through the building safety crisis which makes for excellent reading about the impact of the crisis on the lives of ordinary leaseholders.

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