How much does democracy matter to us might be the question to ask at this time when we are set for a General Election. At the final seminar in our series this year – which was about devolution and governance in the Brexit era – we heard a lot about about regional disparities and the reason for the growing gap between the poorer north and the ever increasingly wealthier south.

Engage brought to the city a number of years ago now Jon Alexander from New Citizenship Project who introduced us to some of the best democracy projects around the world. We are still energised and excited about the people across the world who are working hard in their own countries to improve democracy and make it more participatory and representative. An article appeared in the media about this subject and we thought we would share it as it mentions some of the situations we discovered at our 2016 seminar series.

The Guardian: Yes, democracy is in trouble. But burning it down is not an option. HERE 05.11.19