Engage Liverpool has been invited to participate in two important meetings bringing together citizens from all over the European Union who are trying to improve the places where they live.

The first is in AMSTERDAM on 15th and 16th June and is part of the Dutch Presidency of the EU 2016 called Public Places and focuses on climate change and the development of cities. Engage has been invited because of our Air Quality Project and the relationship we have established with the European Cultural Foundation and we will be the only group from England taking part in the event.

The second is in BERLIN from 23rd to 26th June and is the launch of Citizens Lab which is a project of MitOst a German-based Europe-wide organisation promoting active citizenship throughout the continent and not just the EU. Engage is one of only two English organisations invited to take part in this fascinating project mainly because we have developed a reputation for creative engagement with the issues of urban living in the UK. We were encouraged to apply for a place by New Citizenship Project’s founder Jon Alexander.


A Climate Adaptive Public ┬áSpace – Amsterdam 15th/16th June 2016

Pakhuis De Zwijger – co-host and independent cultural platform for residents of Amsterdam

ARCAM – co-host and Amsterdam’s centre for Architecture

Europe by People – ┬áthe official cultural programme for the Netherlands Presidency of the EU 2016

CitizensLab – Berlin 23rd/26th June 2016

MitOst – host promoting active citizenship in Europe