Seminar Two in Engage’s Seminar Series examines the crisis of homelessness and rough sleeping which is evident on our streets on a daily basis. Never in living memory can anyone remember times as bad as these. Residents feel particularly strongly about this issue as people are living on the streets where they live and walk every day.

SEMINAR TWO: Homelessness/Rough-Sleeping – a different approach

17th October Thursday 5.30pm-7.30pm The Tapestry, Fabric District

Our main speaker is:

Juha Kahila: Project Coordinator Y-Foundation, Housing First Europe Hub, Finland website HERE

Our Liverpool City Region speaker is:

Deputy Portfolio Holder Housing & Spatial Framework: Cllr Patricia Hardy (Sefton)

Local Panel activists invited:


Media Links:

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An excellent programme on BBC R4 about a homeless man in Manchester:  BBC R4 My Name Is 17.06.19 20.00