Engage will be attending the World Heritage Watch Forum in Krakow, Poland where grass-roots organisations from UNESCO World Heritage Sites across the world come together to share experiences with UNESCO officials.

The meeting lasts for two days on Friday 30th June and Saturday 1st July and then joins the UNESCO World Heritage Committee at their opening ceremony on Sunday 2nd July and the committee meets for the rest of the week. Liverpool will be discussed on Monday 3rd July.

At the WHW Forum on Friday the first speaker at the event will be the Chair of Engage Liverpool who will deliver a 15min presentation about Liverpool – Maritime Mercantile City a UNESCO WHS at risk. He will conclude by presenting a draft resolution to the Forum hoping that it will be accepted by the meeting and then presented to the Committee meeting by the WHW Chairman, Stephan Dompke, when Liverpool is discussed on Monday.

WHW Krakow Resolution Liverpool

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WHW Report 2017 Liverpool report on pp100-102

MCS Statement on the WHS 29.06.17