Manchester has just opened in their Northern Quarter a new craft beer pub that has been built and designed by residents who live in the city centre. The pub is called The Pilcrow and opened to the public Friday 23rd September 2016 in the new NOMA neighbourhood which is being developed by the Co-operative Group. Interestingly they have named their public -facing website for the project Engage!

This is a wonderful example of residents cooperating together to improve their area and to forge closer relationships with each other. This is a marvelous example of the kind of ideas Engage is championing during our Reclaiming the City seminar series. The people who led the project clearly see them selves as citizens and neighbours in a city where they want to make a difference and help to create community where there was none by collaborating on a project that brought everyone together and is now being used daily to connect people from the area.

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Manchester Evening News story about the project HERE 23.09.16