In a recent door-to-door survey undertaken at City Quay residents overwhelmingly said they wanted to see renewable energy being explored.

90% of those questioned said they approved of City Quay exploring the use of solar power, 89% wind power and 87% organic or anaerobic power. With such strong support for the idea of City Quay producing green energy and increasing its environmental credentials we have started to see if there is any possibility of this ever becoming a reality.

At present we are in negotiations with a new local company called Simple Energy Systems to see if a project at City Quay could be funded. Once studies have been undertaken there will be a full residents meeting to put the idea to everyone who lives and owns property at the development.

Simple Energy Systems website

CQ Residents Survey 2015

If you would like to support the research element of the project you could let us know your electricity consumption.

What is your annual or quarterly usage? We need a few people from a 1 person home, a few from a 2 person home and a few from larger homes.

Please send your details to marked Readings. Many thanks!