Vent! continues with public art around the city

VENT! Liverpool Air Quality Festival continues with new commissions popping up around the city from today! Keep your eyes peeled for work by Tristan Brady-Jacobs and Pamela Sullivan in different locations around the city.


VENT! What’s happening on Friday 26th February?

Pamela Sullivan: A Warning

Look out for Pamela’s cocooned skeletons around the exits to the Mersey Tunnel, Liver Buildings, Albert Dock, The Royal Hospital, Commutation Row, Jamaica Street, Berry Street and St Luke’s Church. Pamela will also be demonstrating the erosion process at Bluecoat.

Tristan Brady-Jacobs: Liverpool Glorms

Find the Liverpool Glorms. paste ups of portraits of ordinary folk made monstrous by their desire to obtain immortality, on the walls and surfaces of the city. The portraits will appear in the areas of greatest pollution around the city centre.