Engage is consulting with people who live and work in Historic Downtown to see if they would like to get together to form a Neighbourhood Forum and take responsibility for delivering a Neighbourhood Plan for the area which will make decisions about place-making in the neighbourhood.

Earlier last month, we started speaking with residents and businesses to ask if they would like support to create a ‘Neighbourhood Plan’ for the Historic Downtown area of the city centre.

We held an initial series of workshops where some issues a plan could help with were identified, a draft boundary created and some of the distinctive parts of the area mapped out.

For these initial ideas and issues to be progressed further, we now need to bring together 21 individuals who live and/or work in the area to take forward the forum and ultimately create a neighbourhood Plan.

We held a positive meeting with over 21 people interested in forming a plan, now our task is increasing representation from businesses and more residential developments in the area. Subscribe for updates by clicking here.

You can also read more about the progress so far, what Neighbourhood Planning can do, and other projects in the articles below.