Taxis, buses and cars are all heading for Liverpool’s city centre in an east-west direction or driving along its waterfront in a north-south direction, which impacts on the health of everyone who lives and works and even visits our city centre and waterfront.

Engage is organising a seminar series in October and November on the theme of sustainability. We are keen to explore together with residents and stakeholders what we can all do to reach our net-zero targets and mitigate climate change impact. How we use our cars and the type of taxis and buses that run on our roads are things we should all care about. The articles we post on the website are designed to give us something to think about in the run-up to the seminars.

Let us know if there is something on this theme that you’d like us to share more widely. Email us at or message on ‘X’ @engageliverpool. 2024 is our year for deepening our understanding of sustainability in Liverpool and the City Region and what we can all do to improve it.