There was a great turnout at the first meeting for many years of residents from The Albany (held in the Old Hall at the Cotton Exchange next door) to get to know each other and to share ideas about taking their community to the next level.

The meeting was chaired by Engage who had been supporting residents in moving towards this event. On the night (Wednesday 6th April 2016) about 47 people arrived and there was a relaxed and joyous atmosphere throughout. Residents introduced themselves and much laughter accompanied people’s sharing as we all discovered how funny and how interesting everyone was. Residents were invited to share what they liked about living at the Albany and many people shared movingly about their experiences. Then residents were asked what might improve living at the Albany and there was also some really helpful and important suggestions.

The final part of the meeting came when residents were asked if they wanted to form a Residents Association (RA) and if so was anyone willing to be part of the group that starts the process rolling. About 10 hands went up and people gave their names to get a RA off the ground. There was so much energy and enthusiasm in the room. Engage has promised to accompany the people at the Albany until they form their RA and hold their first AGM.

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