Engage is delighted to promote anything that helps residents of the city centre eat more healthily and source  their food more locally. We support the development of a more sustainable city living environment. Read on!

A new way of shopping and eating has come to Liverpool based in the Baltic  Triangle. It is part of the national Food Assembly network and movement it aims to provide the best food at fair prices grown locally. It’s free to join and you buy all your food on-line from farmers and producers within an average 28 mile area from your neighbourhood. You then collect the produce directly from those who make it on a weekly basis in the  Baltic Triangle at Siren, 54 Saint James Street, Liverpool, L1 0AB from 17.00-19.00 each Thursday.

This is fair shopping as 92 pence from every £1 spent by you stays  in the local economy with over 80 pence going directly to the local producers.

You can join the Liverpool Assembly on their website HERE or on Facebook and Twitter below:



Email: livfoodassembly@gmail.com