Andy Thompson from BCA Landscape and his team have delivered a Landscape Feasibility Strategy for City Quay. It was first shown to residents at the July AGM.

The idea is to take a good look at the grounds around the Ellerman Road development to see if they can be improved. They are a Unique Selling Point for many who choose to come and live here and we need to make sure we are using that resource to it’s best advantage. Also some of the planting around the site has passed it’s best and we need to start thinking how we will replace those ¬†bushes and shrubs that are now too tall and too woody.

A copy of that report is now available to download below for all residents to access before we hold a public meeting on Monday October 12th 2015 at 7.00pm in Casemate No5. Refreshments will be provided.

City Quay Landscape Feasibility Strategy 2015