Last Year Engage brought to Liverpool the founder of European Neighbours Day from Paris for the 2nd Seminar in our series Reclaiming the City: From Stranger to Neighbour.

Now a report has been published by the Big Lunch (which we support every year) which is part of the Eden Project, which shows clearly the link between social isolation and the loss of a sense of neighbourliness. Engage wants to encourage all our apartment developments to create strategies for meeting each other and getting to know our neighbours.

This year 2017 you can use both European Neighbours Day (weekend of 19th May) and the Big Lunch (Sun 18th June) as opportunities to meet and greet your neighbours.

Read the article in The Guardian HERE

Engage would like to organise a project called  ‘Engage with…’ to offer support and enable residents of the waterfront and city centre to meet up on a monthly basis for a social event and to make friends and become better neighbours. If you’re interested in being a part of this contact us at: