Waterfront and City Centre residents are being invited to take part in an Merseyside-wide project designed to support our NHS workers, protect them during the time of COVID-19, save them travel costs and time wasted waiting for public transport and be a healthy option at the same time.

Merseyside youth organisation HYPE (Helping Young People Everywhere)  have started a scheme to get bikes to NHS workers across the city region and they started at Arrowe Park Hospital on the Wirral where the response was so overwhelming they immediately decided to launch it across the whole area in support of our NHS staff. You are asked to do one of two things (or both if you are lucky enough to be able!) Firstly you can donate a bike that will be repaired and restored for immediate use or you can also donate to the special Crowdfunder page that is looking to raise £20,000 to fund the project.

You might be wondering why they need your old bikes – well the answer is simple, they have promised all their 100 Hype Urban Bikes (see image) to go directly and immediately to NHS workers but the requests now exceed their limited supply so they want to be able to respond to every NHS employee who applies for a bike through this scheme and you can apply HERE. If you have a bike to donate you can donate HERE.

PRESS RELEASE_ Local company pledges bikes for Merseysides NHS Heroes FINAL

If you are interested in supporting the youth work that HYPE pioneers you can do so from their website HERE and there are other organisations that work with young people one of which is the impressive locally-founded World Merit based in The Reader Organisation at Calderstones Park.

Also it is important to note that Sustrans are also launching another scheme in support of our NHS workers and more details can be found HERE Cycles for Key Workers.