Each year Engage hosts a series of professionally led workshops to help residents better manage and understand the processes where they live.

The 2014 Engage Blockheads Series first workshop was held at Weightmans LLP and covered essential topics for residents to better manage where they live. Other workshops in the series were held at Hill Dickinson and Brabners LLP.

This year the workshops were filmed to allow Engage’s members to access this resource online – we do not know of any other workshop series that offers such expert guidance to residents. We hope you find them useful.

Below you can view footage from the first workshop in the series.

These workshops were made possible by the kind support of our sponsor Premier Estates, generosity of the legal professionals and a small charge paid by attendees. If you find this footage useful you may like to consider making a donation to Engage Liverpool.


Part 1 – Skills For Good Management.

Part 2 – Decision Making and Consultation Procedures.

Part 3 – Decision Making and Consultation Procedures Continued.

Part 4 – The AGM

Part 5 – Conflicts Of Interests

Part 6 – Anti-Social Neighbours

Part 7 – Subletting and Serviced Apartments

Part 8 – Conflict, Resolution and Mediation

Part 9 – Poorly Performing Managing Agents

Part 10 – Poorly Performing Management Company

Part 11 – Issues for the Night Time Economy

Part 12 – First Tier Tribunal Property Chamber

Part 13 – First Tier Tribunal Property Chamber