The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has begun a process of revisiting the number and shape of electoral wards in Liverpool. The process, which will result in a report to Parliament in late 2022, may include a recommendation to reduce the number of city councillors from 90 to 85.

Electoral wards define which local councillors you are able to vote for, and it is usually beneficial for them to reflect the community ties and identities in an area, so that councillors can accurately represent their constituents’ views.

As the first step in its review process, the Boundary Commission seeks residents’ views on what they see as ‘their local area’. These initial comments will influence the Comission’s proposal for new ward boundaries, which will then be offered up for further public consultation in March/April 2022.

You can read more about the review, and how to contribute, on the Boundary Commission website. The initial consultation period ends Wednesday 15th December 2021.

It may also be useful to read the review’s press release, and the Commission’s guidance on what it looks for when defining new ward boundaries (PDF).