A proposal is going before the Council to construct a residential development consisting of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in an 11 storey building comprising 240 units. The application site is located adjacent to Brunswick Dock and is bound by Summers Road to the west, Brunswick Way to the north, Century Buildings to the east and car parking to the south belonging to Brunswick Business Park.

This application makes a significant change to the previously agreed use for business and commercial purposes in this Primarily Industrial Area . If agreed it will push up land values considerably and begin the displacement of the businesses and the ultimate demolition of the buildings as they make way for tall residential buildings giving a greater return on investment.

The proposed building at 11 storeys is also considerably higher than all the prevailing residential apartment blocks and houses around the Brunswick Dock. The land on which the development is proposed to take place is currently a car park.

The Planning Policy Compliance Statement is clearly written by someone who doesn’t live locally or made any inquiries about the area as it states: “The site is well located in terms of public transport accessibility with numerous bus routes running along Sefton Street to the City Centre.” The 500 runs along but doesn’t stop and the 82a is the only other bus running the length of Sefton Street into the Liverpool One Bus Station. You might well be amazed by some of the other statements made in the report. You can read it HERE:

Brunswick Way – FINAL Planning Statement 6 July 2017

More information at Your Move HERE

If you want to make any comments you should do so to : Paul Vertigen Planning Officer LCC Paul.Vertigen@liverpool.gov.uk