Residents have told us that they care about the climate emergency and have commented about the lack of political leadership and civic engagement nationally and in Liverpool. Engage has therefore chosen this issue for our 2024 seminar series, entitled Sustainable Liverpool – Learning from 3 European Green Capitals.

But this past week in the UK there have been some major news items from scientists about the serious level of crisis our planet is facing. This is in the context of a Government that is criminalising anyone who is protesting and trying to send them to jail for the simplest of protest methods. This is the leadership nationally we are receiving and though locally that is not the case nonetheless we are not aware of any significant event or process that attempts to educate citizens about how serious the issues are and what we can all do about it.

So we decided to do something about it. You can follow all our efforts on the Sustainable Liverpool Seminar Page HERE.

We are also going to keep updating this page with news items that residents share with us for publication:


Our image is taken from an article in Each Other 25.07.19 Climate Crisis is a human rights issue to which we are happy to signpost our readers.